Are you a healing professional ready to embody YOUR own unique voice?

Imagine having an additional modality, medically proven to reduce anxiety to help you and your clients confidently express your truth from the inside out!

If you’re interested in adding an additional source of income into your healing practice, then join me for this Therapeutic Singing Certification program that will set you up to use your creativity and charge for it!


Embody the Creative Power of Your Voice, Grow Your Business & Help Clients Heal!

  • Reduce stress for yourself and your clients that leads to increased productivity, profitable practice and more peace of mind.
  • Embrace a forgotten sacred-sound practice based on ancient feminine healing traditions that transcend the old masculine paradigms.
  • Harness the creative power of silence behind the sound to quiet your mind and silence your inner critic, and learn how to help your clients do the same.
  • Embody your true power during speaking engagements that improves your public speaking and authentically engages your listeners, causing them to ask for more.
  • Discover how to replenish yourself, your right livelihood, and your client roster using an evidence-based healing modality that has multiple applications.
  • Easily add a new revenue stream to your healing profession and attract perfect new clients to your business.
  • Become part of a positive, uplifting and generous community of self-aware healing professionals who support and encourage one another on their healing journey. 

Here’s What You’ll Learn…

What is Therapeutic Singing?

We’ll Dive Deep Into: 

  • The History of Therapeutic Singing and the Opportunity for Business Growth it Provides in these Unprecedented Times.

  • The Foundations of Therapeutic Singing that  Help You Recenter and Ground you in your Power.
  • How Therapeutic Singing Differs from Regular Singing or Chanting and Eliminating Performance Anxiety for GOOD!
  • How to Enhance Neurological Health by a Use of Sound that Balances Both Hemispheres of the Brain.
  • Ancient Applications of Therapeutic Singing that can help you Attract New Clients Today!

Embrace and Release Your Healing Voice


We’re Going to Explore:

  • Medical research into this ancient modality that relieves anxiety and increases calm and clarity.
  • Live case studies of using therapeutic singing as a means to create community building amidst social unrest.
  • Modern applications for deep healing that require no physical touch and that can be administered easily online or by phone.
  • 5 step process of healing sound that helps you help your client to embrace their authentic voice.
  • How to eliminate any embarrassment about therapeutic singing (goodbye fear of being judged)!

Align and Attune Your Body as An Instrument


My system teaches you:

  • The 3 feminine uses of healing voice that make it easy to confidently and creatively heal without fear, shame or embarrassment.
  • How to use the qualities of human imperfection to empower your clients using proven improvisational use of voice.
  • The easiest method to eliminate performance anxiety for good and “become the instrument” that sounds your authentic voice!
  • An effective way to move from head into heart (that makes your client feel so at ease).
  • How to recondition a traumatized brain back to healthy functioning (even after many years of trauma).

Create Live Healing Music and Therapeutic Singing Applications 

We’re going to dive deep into:

  • 5 medically researched elements of Healing Music Meditation.
  • A potent scientifically proven vocal technique that heals and balances the chakras.
  • How to use sound to move blocked energy that refocuses body, mind and spirit. 
  • 3 soothing ways use therapeutic singing to help your clients feel safe, held and at ease!
  • The current top opportunities for therapeutic singing applications that can easily add another stream of revenue to your healing practice during the pandemic and afterwards!

How to Facilitate a Therapeutic Singing Session

You’ll learn:

  • How to help your clients remain grounded when things go awry and don’t go as planned!
  • How to deliver a virtual healing confidently online or by telephone that deeply touches and heals!
  • 3 creative ways to improvise with noise and disturbances that transforms chaos into healing calm for your clients and you.
  • How to hold space for your client to use THEIR voice when it feels scary for them to express themselves.
  • 3 fun easy ways to build a Therapeutic Singing protocol (that will have YOU singing for joy :-)….

Certification Process

You’ll Implement:

  • The composition of your signature Therapeutic Singing applications.
  • The creation of a 5-minute lesson plan utilizing a healing application that you’d like to work with. 
  • Practice leading your 5-minute lesson plan in front of your classmates (everyone learns from leading and receiving)!
  • The development of your client log so you’ll keep track of their progress and your growing therapeutic singing practice. 


You will learn a therapeutic singing technique that has been medically proven  to decrease stress and increase a sense of humanity in an intensive care unit with a wide range of applications in a variety of situations (birth, postpartum, hospice, life transition, stroke, cancer, retirement, anxiety, fear of presentation, life direction, community unrest, post trauma, etc…)

The potent foundation of therapeutic singing is a type of wordless crooning which neurologically balances both hemispheres of the brain, and creates a soothing effect that grounds the body, increases focus, along with a sense of safety.

You’ll learn the foundations of healing voice that you can use repeatedly to create effective, soothing, healing applications for your clients that brings them from their head into their heart no matter what is going on around them.

These sonic vocal patterns and simple compositional frameworks can be used by anyone, non-singer (even in the shower :-)…to professionally trained singer alike. This type of vocalising has NOTHING to do with performance. You’ll learn to compose healing pieces on the spot, the same way that this approach was used week after week to produce the physical results measured in the medical research in the neonatal intensive care unit in wartime.

Upon successful completion of the certification process, you’ll receive a Certificate of Completion of 100 Hours. The hours are divided as:

Phase One:  Curriculum Completion Certification
12 hours of Live Instruction

12 hours Live Practice and Coaching
12 hours Research and Inner Exploration


Phase Two: Practicum & Implementation Certification
12 hours – creating and recording your healing music
12 hours – active advocacy of live promotional events
15 hours – review, recording, and final presentation

25 hours practicum – putting your therapeutic singing into practice with embodied case studies. 

Meet Our Therapeutic Singing Practioners

Mary Borie

Janet Bradbury

Vistara Cristina

Candice Fliedner Cuellar

Patricia Daly

Lauren Rose EveningSong

RuthAnna Lindemeir

Sam James

Therapeutic Singing Applications Add Revenue to Your Healing Practice

Deborah Bullard

Elementary School Music Teacher for At Risk Children

Click Here to Hear Audio

97 yr old client describes healing his eye pain and improving sight. Sound applications decreases need for medical drops from 4xs to 1-2xs a day.

Create Healing Music Recordings for Other Healers

This is a recording session for a Fibromyalgia – Healing Music Project which included composing, producing the music for the CD, healing vocal coaching for the client, and guided music meditation script writing for the client.

The client reprinted the CD five times!

Private Professional Training

Lua Chomp Pei – CEO of the Easeland Music Spa and music therapist XiJing Chen following Therapeutic Singing from Ancient Israel instruction. They are singing into the framedrum It may SEEM like it’s about “singing into the drum”. While the drum is an instrument, it’s their VOICES and WHERE they are guiding it from within, that heals organs and energy within the body mind and spirit.

Plus I’ve got Dive Deep Straight into the Well Bonuses for You:
Ready to Add Income to Your Healing Practice?


This BONUS Course will Help You Align Your Earning with Therapeutic Singing


Market and Monetize Your Therapeutic Singing Practice

In this 90-Minute Mindful Marketer Master Course personally crafted for healing professionals whose first love is NOT marketing, you will discover how to:

  • Natually invite people into your orb so that they authentically want to engage with you.
  • Effortlessly develop a enjoyable way to organically lead people to want to work with you.
  • Let your marketing and sales messaging be as healing and transformative as the healing work you love to do.
  • Create inspired offers that enroll clients as easily as the next natural step in a conversation!

Imagine your potential clients asking how they can hire you… It can be that easy!  As your voice reflects the loving kindness that we are all in need of these days, you’ll be amazed as you watch your client roster fill to full and overflowing.

This powerful recorded training is led by Voice, Video and Visibility Expert, Michelle Kopper, The Transformational Message Mentor; master at helping you create aligned, inspired marketing that attracts and enrolls clients from the inside out.


100 hour Certificate of Completion

Upon finishing Phases One and Two of the certification process you’ll receive a 100 hour certificate of completion along with your own personalized webpage on our website that highlights the focus of your healing practice – your background and contact information so potential clients can contact you.

Eliana, what’s included in this certification?

  • SIX two-hour LIVE TEACHING coaching calls all recorded. For certification we expect to see you on at least ONE of these calls a month.
  • SIX two-hour LIVE IMPLEMENTATION sessions with coaching available if needed, for certification we expect to see you on at least ONE of these calls a month. NOW EXTENDED to bi-weekly calls for ONE FULL YEAR!
  • THREE solid months coaching in our private Facebook group, where we’ll be answering questions and helping you implement your game plan.
  • All our AMAZING Therapeutic Singing Protocols, Our Evidenced-Based Medical Research, Ancient Healing Sites Field Recordings, Meditations, Templates and Follow-the-Steps Worksheets.

Your PERSONAL JOURNAL in our online coaching portal with weekly personal feedback from me, Eliana, to keep you on track and get you unstuck.



Consider that 1:1 private coaching with me would be at least twice that amount – whereas the Certification Training will give you ALL that amazing, powerful training in a supportive group format that adds another source of revenue to your healing practice for only $5,997 USD…it’s a total no-brainer! 

During this special time
Save $1497!
(pay-in-full discount)


Grab our 10 month plan for only $497 a month!

I’m ready to Get Started!

Plus a LIVE BONUS 3-Course Money, Mindset & Motivation Mastery Series

Imagine a Heart-Centered Feminine Approach to Jumpstart Your Business!

So, let’s look again at all the exciting perks you’re going to receive:

Forever access to hours of online training designed to give you the confidence you need to create the therapeutic singing applications that allow you to express your healing voice, help your clients and amply earn from it!

Value: $4000 USD

FOREVER ACCESS to our private Facebook group, where I’ll be answering questions and helping you implement what you are learning.

Value: $3000 USD

My personal vault of worksheets, scripts and templates so you can develop your personalized protocols for delivering the most powerful and deeply healing therapeutic singing applications .

Value: $500 USD

SIX-MONTHS bi-weekly live coaching calls, where I’ll be answering your questions and helping you in developing therapeutic singing protocols, while empowering you to practice what you’ve learned and advocate for therapeutic singing promotion by contributing to events we will co-create together. 

Value: $5000 USD

MONEY, MINDSET & MOTIVATION MASTERY PROGRAM live master classes, with masters in the field (from a feminine perspective) to provide the tools to identify and clear the obstacles to build a thriving healing practice that earns you ample right livelihood and serves the highest good…

Value: $4000 USD

Personalized Web Page: You’ll be promoted as a revered member of the growing cadre of Therapeutic Singing Practitioners. New clients will be able to find you online and locally.

Value: $1500

Marketing Workshops:
You’ll learn to monetize your practice and discover delight in marketing

Value: $1000

Bonus guided meditations and healing music videos recorded at ancient healing sites

Value: $2000

My expectations of this training were to be able to identify my voice and articulate it on a personal and professional level.

The training was broken up into segments that resonated perfectly with the work at hand.

I felt supported closely the entire time and experienced invisible yet palpable change at each step along the way.

This program has given me a firm base of support moving forward and has increased my confidence to reflect and speak from within.

My expectations were met in both very tangible and intangible ways.

“Working with Eliana was an unusually strengthening experience. The work we did together over the course of training wove an invisible web of confidence within, allowing me to make great strides in articulating my voice on a personal level and in furthering my professional persona.

I found the therapeutic use of music and sound to be a critically vital component with which I had no previous experience.

It helped me to find a place of resonance within and clarity of expression without.”

J. Gildin, Midwife

But I’m NOT going to ask $21,000 USD for this certification (although I could) because these are unprecedented times and I want to uplift the planet, and because I’m passionate about helping healers have their voices heard.

What Will You Achieve by Completing This Certification Program?

  • You’ll connect to your inner source of calm and be able to help your clients and yourself, no matter what is going on around you (no more needing perfect conditions to remain centered).
  • After becoming a certified therapeutic singing practitioner, you’ll have an additional tool for making a greater impact in the lives of your current clients – which will attract additional clients. (Imagine that!)
  • You’ll feel revived, rejuvenated and brimming with energy. (It feels SO good to have a way to replenish yourself, your bank account and your client roster as people return asking for more).
  • You’ll transcend time as you soothe yourself and your clients with sacred sound leaving you both in place of deep serenity (it feels heavenly to express your voice and be of true service to others)!
  • You’ll embody the creative power of your voice as a healing instrument… (ah the satisfaction as you effortlessly attract new clients who are uplifted by your authentic expression).
  • You’ll learn a forgotten healing voice practice based on the sacred medicine traditions of ancient times (it’s so fulfilling to reconnect to your feminine roots).
  • You’ll be able to confidently express your voice in a healing and transformative way, changing lives and opening hearts (there’s nothing like experiencing aligned authentic expression)!
  • You’ll have the perfect tool for helping your clients on the spot, even if you don’t have it figured out beforehand (because this modality doesn’t involve the conscious mind).
  • You’ll love the added revenue that comes from adding therapeutic voice to your toolkit.
  • You’ll align and attune with others who understand where you’re coming from. (It feels so good to no longer be alone and share your truth and support with others like you!)

You’ll have a potent way to connect to your creative voice and be able to express it in your own unique way that also earns you income (creativity and cash a winning combination!)

You’ll sing connected from your heart, clear as a bell, with NO TRACE of performance anxiety and shiver from those goosebumps that let you experience the healing power of your voice from the inside out.

Eliana, is this Certification Program for me? YES! if you…


Need a perfect tool for HELPING YOUR CLIENTS ON THE SPOT, even if don’t have it figured out beforehand (because this modality doesn’t involve the conscious mind).

Love the idea of ADDED REVENUE that comes from adding THERAPEUTIC VOICE to your toolkit.


You’re ready to EMBODY and CONFIDENTLY EXPRESS YOUR VOICE in a healing and transformative way, changing lives and opening hearts (there’s nothing like experiencing aligned authentic expression)!

Want to REACH MORE PEOPLE and are ready to make a difference in the world – no more holding back or playing small…

Are committed to FULLY PARTICIPATING so you can practice this modality BEFORE the training is over so you can recoup your investment in yourself!

Watch how one of our recent certification students is experiencing ease in growing her healing music practice.  



  • You’re not willing to move past your COMFORT ZONE and challenge yourself to be all you can be in this lifetime…
  • You tend to give up and blame others rather than take action when faced with OBSTACLES, DISCOMFORT or DIFFICULTIES
  • You don’t see the VALUE in investing in yourself, your healing business, or your future online…
  • You aren’t willing to learn new ONLINE SKILLS because you’ve decided you don’t like technology or social media!
  • Your fear of succeeding (or failing) is greater than your desire to be FULLY OF SERVICE to your ideal clients.


No-Risk 100% Money Back Guarantee

Everyone here at Voices of Eden is 100% committed to you implementing therapeutic singing into your healing practice so that you use your creativity and charge for it! We know our program is the best on the market and it is medically proven to work! That’s why we give you 30 days from purchase to participate in the Certification in Therapeutic Singing. If you do the work and don’t feel we’ve delivered on our promise, we’ll happily refund 100% of your tuition.

To be eligible for a refund, you must submit all your completed homework from the first course module in the group coaching portal and private Facebook group or via email to show us that you did indeed take action within our program. We do this because we want committed, action-taking heart-based healers in our course and in our community!

Your Satisfaction is 100% Guaranteed!

Q: How is this course different than any I have ever taken? What makes it special?

There aren’t any programs out on the market right now like it –period.  This is a resurgence of an ancient healing music modality, which is medically proven and it is taught by the founder of the medical research.

There are sound healing certification trainings out there that train in the use of sound e.g. bowls, tuning forks, vedic chanting, but nothing focusing specifically on the healing use of wordless VOICE that gives you all you need to make a greater impact in the lives of your current clients during the pandemic and attract new ones as well.

Q: I’m not sure how my healing practice can grow during the Pandemic. I may just wait it out and consider this later. Can't I wait until then?

NO! Absolutely NOT! Your voice is needed NOW! It’s NOT the time to hold back in fear. If you wait to feel more comfortable, that day will never come. It takes a while to EMBODY the healing power of your voice. Investing your time and energy during this particular period will help you create your own healing music strategy in real time,  that will guarantee new clients being attracted to you.  In addition, you will give yourself enough time to work through your own fear and anxiety and be able to learn and apply the protocols – plus have the time to do your own planning without feeling stressed. 

Q. When does the course start?

The course starts Tuesday, September, 8, 2020. 

Q. How long does the course run?

Phase One runs through June 24th, 2021. Phase Two runs through  December 14th, 2021. The two bonus workshops will occur in December as well. 

Q. What format is the course? How is the program delivered?

The course is delivered LIVE through Zoom. 

There are SIX ninety-minute LIVE TEACHING coaching calls, which are all recorded. For certification we expect to see you on at least ONE of these calls a month.

There are SIX ninety-minute LIVE IMPLEMENTATION Sessions with coaching available if needed, for certification we expect to see you on at least ONE of these calls a month.

Q. Will there be any ongoing support after the 3 months is over? Is there a Facebook Group for this program? Will we get personalized help?

For THREE solid months, there will be coaching in our private Facebook group, where we’ll be answering questions and helping you implement your therapeutic singing plan. You will have forever access to the Facebook Group.

You’ll keep a PERSONAL JOURNAL in our online coaching portal with weekly personal feedback from Eliana to keep you on track and get you unstuck.

There will be SIX MONTH bi-weekly live coaching calls in Phase Two, where Eliana will be answering your questions and helping you in developing therapeutic singing protocols.

Q. What time will the live calls be held?

Course Hours are straddled in order to accommodate students all around the globe.

Live calls will in general be at 11am (Los Angeles time) on Tuesdays or Thursdays and occasionally at other times to accommodate different student time zones.

Q. How much time does each call take?

Each LIVE call is ninety minutes long with short breaks and breakout rooms. Due to the dynamic nature of this material, sometimes sessions may run longer.  If you have to leave, it is fine…yet when you plan, take this into consideration. 

Many times, something REALLY new and important emerges at last moment – which cannot be planned for.  If this happens, Eliana is respectful of the feminine flow.

Q. How much time would I need to spend each week to go through all the material?

For going through the material and practicing – figure an additional 3 hours a week. The thing is…while you’re learning, you are at the same time, going to be implementing.  

Q. How many people will be in the program?

Minimum: 6  Maximum: 20. This allows for maximum feedback and personal attention.

Q. How much does the course cost? Do you have a payment plan?

Tuition for these special times: $2497 for Phase One and $3497 for Phase Two

One Pay. 

There are two payment plans for paying both together: 6-Pay: $799 x 6 months and 10-Pay: $497 x 10 months. The One Pay for Phase One and Two is $4497. You save an additional $1497. 

If you’re not yet sure whether you want to become fully certified, you can enroll in the foundational Phase One course for only $2497. 

Should you decide that you want to continue with full certification to be able to work and charge for your services, the second Phase must be completed within 18 months of taking Phase One of the course. 

Q. What is the bonus?

Two bonus workshops will help you jumpstart your earning with your Therapeutic Singing practice: 


  1. Building Your Therapeutic Singing Practice where you’ll gain clarity on who is your ideal client and who you are serving; learn a healing sound proprietary protocol I’ve used for years to effortlessly attract new clients, and meet with experts on the leading edge of feminine business for feminine leaders to take your next step forward. 
  2. Market and Monetize Your Therapeutic Singing Practice and learn to naturally and effectively  invite people who want to work with you.  and organically lead people to want to work with you lead people to your offer and invitations.

    You’ll organically want to hire 
  3. How to let your message and your market feel 
  4. How to discover how mkg and sales as natural 

Creat inspired virtual offers and invitations that enroll clients and are as easy as the next step in the conversation SImple as the next natural next step in conversation THey’ll ask YOU how to hire you.

In this powerful workshop you will discover how to where you’ll learn a unique feminine way to organically reach new clients in a way that is real and personal and that creates an authentic connection with your new and potential clients. You’ll get a simple yet potent way to reach out to people you already know to build your practice.

You’ll also receive a Personally-Crafted Marketing Script Guide with scripts and templates you’ll be able to use for your own unique practice. 

5. Money, Mindset and Motivation Mastery Series 

Those who pay commit to Phases One and Two up front will receive a BONUS Mastery Course Series following the completion of Phase One. 

We’ll take a deep dive in to the mindset issues that can block your success and cause you to inadvertently self-sabotage or stay stuck. We can’t talk about growing a thriving healing practice unless we have the tools to identify and clear these obstacles.


Q. How do I sign up?

Q. Will you be offering this program again?

This is the only time that this program will be offered at this tuition this year…you will be part of the founders group. 

Q. I am just interested in the material for myself, not for certification, is this program right for me?re

Those not wanting to be certified are welcome to take the course, though the same willingness to participate ALL OUT is required.


Emma Warmington

Transformation Voice Work for Yoga Teacher Training

Michael Goda, RN

Professional Care Giver


Hello there! I’m Eliana Gilad; healing voice mentor, two-time TEDx presenter and founder of the medically proven Therapeutic Singing system I’ve developed over the last 20+ years.

Voice always guided me from within.  I organized and lead a chant and movement circle for the neighborhood girls that kept us occupied for hours. I also sang with my guitar teacher.

When she moved, my folks took me to study with Mrs. Benny a stern teacher who told my parents I have talent and she should teach me to read sheet music. Being lead by the music from within, the very thought of reading music felt like an insult to my muse.

It was stressful enough being a vocal child who got repeatedly punished for breaking the “children are seen and not heard” rules. My voice was clear and I had NO intention of giving that power away…  So I refused.

As a self-employed healing professional I have learned that thriving during uncertainty can be accomplished with only ONE thing: unleashing your voice. 

I know what it takes to remain connected to your inner calm in the midst of uncertainty and change, and how to thrive, even when all $^%# breaks loose (even in war!). 

I’ve trained thousands of healing professionals to earn their right livelihood, no matter what is going on around them, by embodying and expressing the power of their authentic voice.  My life is devoted to teaching you to do the same, so you can teach others too. 

As a self-employed healing professional I have learned that thriving during uncertainty can be accomplished with only ONE thing: unleashing your voice. 

I know what it takes to remain connected to your inner calm in the midst of uncertainty and change, and how to thrive, even when all $^%# breaks loose (even in war!). 

I’ve trained thousands of healing professionals to earn their right livelihood, no matter what is going on around them, by embodying and expressing the power of their authentic voice.  My life is devoted to teaching you to do the same, so you can teach others too. 


 Here’s what I’ve learned from those 25+ years of hard earned wisdom: For your healing practice to grow, YOU must grow. You’ve got to connect to YOUR true voice, have the courage to act upon its guidance in order to be amply compensated for your true gifts and talents.

For professional healers, your healing practice must be aligned with your inner truth and expressed through your authentic voice or you and your healing practice will not thrive.

My intent is to share my expertise with you, so YOU don’t have to experience the secret fear, terror, humiliations, mistakes and issues that I’ve encountered since I first jumped off into the “unknown” in 1991. 

So how do YOU want to express your voice in a healing way that lets you express your creativity and add additional revenue to your healing practice that fills your coffers and fulfills your soul? 

Join us so we can nurture you, and create Eden on earth, one authentic, compassionate voice at a time.  We’re all in this together!


This training is literally going to change your ENTIRE healing practice!

If your heart says yes…YALLA – GO AHEAD

Additional Therapeutic Singing Applications 

Ecological Healing in Post War

Two students in a therapeutic singing certification program in 2007 took it upon themselves to prepare healing music in an ancient site whose flora and fauna had been destroyed by recent war. Each has since gone on to develop her own business: one woman began a multi-ethnic waldorf nursery school where she uses the therapeutic singing modality as an empowerment and resilience tool for child development.

Ancient Healing Music Modality Revived for Modern Neonatal Medicine

This is footage from a prime time documentary production that highlights ancient history of therapeutic singing and the modern application within a neonatal intensive care setting.

Postpartum Private Instruction

Mother suffering from postpartum depression receives instruction to sing to baby as a mental health aid to mother and bonding tool with baby.

Professional Training for Health Care Professionals

In Service Training for Chinese Physicians in Beijing, China. Being wordless, this healing music modality is easily applied to cultures around the globe. Using the body as an instrument – with ancient therapeutic rhythms has a healing impact upon the thymus gland and other internal organs.



If you have questions about the certification program or would like to schedule a call with Eliana to talk things over, please email us at

If your heart says yes…YALLA – GO AHEAD